Environmental Cast Concrete Products


Since 2004, we have offered a comprehensive range of machinery for the production of environmental concrete products that are cast, vibrated and then stripped offline. This concrete prefabrication technique enables the production of “facsimiles”. It is suitable for many products such as floor tiles, wallboard, pool edges, cover flashing, window sills, wall components, screen walls, paving, balusters, etc.

Our volume or weight metering hoppers are suited to both craftsmen and the concrete industry. In fact, while a metering hopper by itself can enable a small organisation to profitably fill moulds with consistency and speed, if it is integrated into an automated environment it can permit production of several hundred square metres per day of paving slabs or other products.

Our control systems are designed and manufactured by our own automation department. This strategic decision assures our customers of efficient and responsive development, assistance and support with no outside intermediaries or contractors.

Our range:

Semi-auto or automatic concrete batching and mixing plant
Pigment metering units
Admixture batching
Long-screw volume metering hopper DA300
Long-screw weight metering hopper DADP300
Optimised long-screw weight metering hopper DAP300
Short-screw weight metering hopper DADP300/S
Optimised twin-screw weight metering hopper DAP300/D
Adaptive optimised weight metering hopper DADP300/Flex
Vibrating table CTV 1800
In-line vibrating table CTVM1800
Advanced Automatic Mould Acquisition System S3A
Cleaning and spraying cabin FOG300/C
Manual mould transfer/storage installation
Automated casting lline MISTRAL700MAX

This wide choice of equipment enables us, according to our customers’ specifications, to design more or less complete and productive turnkey installations that are tailored to concrete casting.

To complement this equipment offer, we also offer:

  • Freestanding metal frames containing the moulds
    (for automated production lines)
  • Concrete moulds, produced from various materials
    - Moulded or vulcanised polyurethane
    - Vulcanised rubber
    - Silicone
    - Thermoformed ABS
  • Product manufacturing support
  • Support for formulation adjustment and product line development