Water recycling and sludge treatment recyclage1

Within the framework of sustainable development, the concrete industry must now regard water conservation and environmental protection as priorities.

Moreover, if one takes into account:

  • the cost of buying water,
  • the costs of liquid sludge disposal,
  • the loss of space and the environmental nuisance caused by sedimentation ponds,
  • the risks incurred relating to breaches involving coloured and alkaline waste water runoff,

The acquisition of a water recycling and sludge treatment plant is indispensable.

With our Tecnowash System TWS10, sand and gravel are removed from the slurry. The Tecnoidea Impianti systems then purify the water for 95% recycling and treat the concentrated sludge to produce 80% dehydrated blocks, easily removable and often recyclable.

Sinks, pumps, settling tanks, sludge tanks, agitators, flocculation units, filter presses, clean water tanks, neutralising units, all components that we offer to our customers to achieve savings and to comply with legislative requirements.

With more than 2500 turnkey installations sold worldwide, our partner Tecnoidea Impianti is a leading supplier in the field.

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